A story of a man who went in search of a woman.

A story of a man who went in search of a woman.

Recently I produced a slightly different five-part drama about current love and love, which is still in the works. To make that play, we put together a little research, including our own weddings, of the drama troupe, who have been married to a married couple. Here’s one of the many wedding stories I’ve heard that I thought would be worth sharing with you. Think of this story as having some psychological basis as just one reality about love and family life. There may be many truths beyond what the speaker says. This doctrine can be applied to any human relationship in general, even though it is primarily about karma.

So the speaker is a typical Sinhalese person I live in Australia who is in his 60’s. This information, which has been sparsely populated by him and various conversations, has been edited with little fanfare to facilitate your reading and to conceal his identity. Here is his story.

I was married for about three years at the age of twenty-eight. But in about three years we were married. Generally, I like to live in peace and quarrel. But then I started to get into fights and quarrels with the unassuming Lady. Gradually, I was severely insulted and rebuked. Only when I criticized him for not fighting, he scolded me. He even called me a dog for a costume. Getting upset and clashing without looking for anything. When he gets angry, he says everything he can to cheat the other person. All the talk programs I had for my own sake did not work. I could see that he could not change his character. Gradually, I became a fighter because of him. Their family said that this is how family life is.

In this way, when conflicts go awry, he betrays his family and his friends by telling me of my faults and trying to get me compassion. After two years of marriage, I had no respect for him. And then I had to tell him I didn’t care about you anymore. My life would have been one hell if I had endured it. Fortunately, we had no children at the time.

We got divorced.

I thought I wouldn’t marry again. Then I was single for about ten years. During this time, I traveled to several countries to escape the pain.

But gradually, at the age of forty, I felt lonely and felt that it was better to share with someone than to be alone. Generally, I enjoy relaxation and peace. That means to stay at home, walk along the beach in one of the parks, eat a meal whenever you like, sit at home in the evening and have a beer, or read a book. And while it was, I wanted someone else to be at peace with me.

But I don’t understand how to choose the next woman. Romantic love is so complex now that I didn’t even know it was such a difficult task. I did that romantic love early with the former Wife. But it’s not possible to get married. Nowhere in the world can you know how to be at peace. And I think my foam is not romantic right now. So what I wanted to be a great love, no children, no matter what. Anyway, I told my father and family in Sri Lanka to start looking for a woman.

In the meantime, a psychologist had written in an article in an article I was deeply touched by. It is often said that the relationship between the children in the family life is due to the family environment in which the married couple was growing up with their parents. This means that people usually unconsciously see their parents as their own. When I left it with my ex Wife, it felt right. Besides, I know many others I know are right. But not always. My family is not a peaceful family. My father is a quiet, quiet, normal family. But then I realized it changed. So I don’t think anyone can change that. But not everyone can change that for their own sake.

The parents of my ex-Wife’s family are constantly fighting. Mummy Dad has been scolding me before. Their father is a violent nobleman who is trying to solve problems by screaming and screaming without looking for anything. As a normal family who had the ability to stay well-seasoned, they were unaware of the day-to-day affairs, tastes, and sharing of life.

I feel that in such a quarrelsome society, you feel less and less respect for one another and for yourself. And it will develop a lot of negative attitudes. Love or happiness is not just something that we have to work hard to get home, but also to have a bite to eat when we are going through problems. The family is the primary school in which humane exercise is practiced and the goods factory. So I decided to go straight to the factory instead of the shops and see how it goes!

One of the special qualities of human relationships is the ability to resolve conflicts, tastes, and variations in the inevitable reality of life – conflicts, tastes, and misunderstandings – in everyday life. Peace and coexistence anywhere from two people to two nationalities can only be achieved through the capacity and the desire.

So when my parents were looking for someone suitable for me in Sri Lanka, I asked them to look at the caste, class, property, religion, horoscope, and how they lived with their parents. How peaceful a family is. Because peacefulness has acquired many of those qualities, including being relatively intelligent. That doesn’t mean debate
There is no disagreement, which means that they are usually sufficiently peaceful to resolve each other’s disrespect and disrespect. According to me, the line of happiness and happiness in a family or society is right there.

I was sent pictures from home saying that there are too many girls but it is very difficult to find people with that kind of family background. I said that I had made a firm decision not to marry if I did not find it. So in a year and a half of doing various research and choosing my own family, I chose seven families because they were always working hard to find a woman. Of these, three families were chosen, and one went to the other three. When I visited, I watched closely how the family members were related. In addition to that, I was also interested in two other issues when talking to women alone.

The question I ask is how do you measure the values ​​and values ​​of your family, how do you know the values ​​and values ​​of family members, rather than the common saying that I love the way Mom and Dad made me feel? Through a variety of things, I have noticed for a fact that there is a realistic understanding of what life is like today and people, or just a floating character. How smart it is to think of your own and your family’s safety when you go out of your way today, from the salesman to the men behind you. Ouchrai looked up.

In the end, I met a woman who was the second child of three children who were Christian but not religious. Very ordinary people. A long-lost love affair with a relative has collapsed. Somehow the whole family was united. Jolly jokes often. There were happy faces, not serious faces. As children grow older, they often hug their mother. Some members of that family used to play badminton together in the evenings. They had a lot of fun together. One time, I wanted to return to that house. I felt that if my ex-wife was raised in a family like this, we would still be in love. The new family I met was so calm that I was able to glance at Wife and her father and family beforehand, none of whom were born with these characteristics.

He has been with me since the day he got married, just like his family. My throat burns like his father’s shoulders. Today I have two children of about twenty years and they are with us. We have been married for over twenty years and don’t scream a single day of acceptance, no quarrels, no fighting. We are very different. She’s very social and extracurricular. I like to sit quietly and not just join them. He was a Christian and I was a Buddhist. We both behaved in the same way that we usually practice at home. Didn’t get much. I don’t know if I will ever be able to attain Nibbana or not. We haven’t talked about them, Sirius. We both had a tendency to avoid things that we didn’t know about.

Anyway, at the start of the new marriage, I had more respect for her than love. We were not trying to love but to be in harmony. As a result, I did not look for a nation that was flawed when it came to love. There is no rule or rule. He gave her the loss. Those preliminary investigations have given me confidence in him. But the first thing we both talked about was that we met at the same time and let love grow. I tried to think that unity is love rather than unity. If love was once a war, this time it was love.

I was a little inadequate to say that I was a worthless person because I was not able to walk or at least sing a song without any special ability. This may have exacerbated the situation when my former Wife became angry and scolded me for being miserable. But to my surprise, gradually my children treated me like a hero. I have often wondered how someone like me became a hero. That is what made me a hero to my children. One by one, his mother made his father a hero. I learned from him that Dad was a true hero and how fair and innocent a man he was. yet how talented and how rare it is to find good things in the world and to appreciate them without hypocrisy. I learned from him that the freedom and trust I gave him was one of the greatest things in the world.

Those were big things for him. He just had to make me a hero to my children. If he sees something that I appreciate as much as a child’s essay, he will look forward to it. In short, I knew exactly who I was. I lost my dreamer and I got a new vigor. He is special to me today, not because he is the mother of my children, my wife, or because he cooks for me but because he has created human relationships in our family. Life is about creating values ​​and sharing them. Happiness is the inspiration to achieve it. I was struck by how meaningful and beautiful life is.
Love is what it is.

All the sweet stuff in the world
Like freezing
Her fine ocean
I’m always diving.

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