The giant of Nandimitra(nandimithra yodaya).

The giant of Nandimitra(nandimithra yodaya).

This is the story of Sri Lanka. (Ceylon)The giant Nandimitra(Nandimithra yodaya)was one of the greatest giants of King Dutugemunu. He held the office of King Gemunu. He was also in charge of King Dutugemunu’s armory. We get into his childhood.

When the child is a child, parents tie a leather band to the child over the stone when parents leave to work. From an early age, this child was so strong that when he was playing, he dragged the stone without trouble. One day as he was dragging the stone, it fell on another stone. While trying to fix it, the leather belt was broken. The mother screamed and ran to Nandimitra, fearing that a stone would fall on Nandimitra.

When he was about 12 years old, his father was so impatient with his bravery that he tied a clump of bamboo and left for a family business with his wife. After a while, they saw the bamboo bush dragging a man with him to his place. the son of his seemed to be was Nandimithra coming. By the time he was a teenager, the boy had become a young man of ascendancy. It was as strong as ten elephants. His uncle-in-law looked at his son-in-law’s heroism and brought him to him, with a few objectives in mind.

Nandimithra yodaya acted with religious sentiments in the house of the commander-in-chief(uncle-in-law). He offered lampstands daily to the Thuparamaya, the sacred Bodhi tree. one day he came to know of one unfortunate incident. That is, when he returned home after his devotional offerings of flowers to the Lord Buddha, he saw that the sacred objects and the Buddha statues were damaged. So to catch criminals, he was hiding in a secret place. He watched over the passersby. One day he suddenly saw that the chief of Tamils and Tamils were deliberately committing these crimes. Furious, he himself killed the Tamil thugs and threw them away on the frontier. It was not visible to anyone. Authorities informed King Elara that there was a dramatic decrease in Tamils in the capital. King Elara said the culprits should be seized and brought before him.

Upon hearing the news, he immediately realized that it would not be wise to stay here. With regret and approval, he went to the kingdom of King Kavantissa at Magama. When Nandimithra and his parents arrived at King Kavantissa in Magama, the king was sitting in the arsenal of weapons. Here the king gave a long sword to the nandimithra yodaya and called for it to be taken away. Soon he sharpened the sword. The king was very impressed with him.

war started

King Kawantissa incorporated Nandimithra for the massive United People’s Charity campaign for the anti-Tamil war. dutugemunu was the son of King Kavantissa want to find out what the strength of Nandimitra was when he began to fight against Elara. He was also known as Prince Gemunu. For that, he had sent his royal elephant to Nandimithra after drinking a lot of toddies. people ran away when the elephant run to nandimithra yodaya . But the Nandimithra saw the elephant running away frantically. Nandimitra though as if it were an act worthless to him,.with a strong body, he approached the elephant and grabbed the elephant’s tusks with his strong pair of hand and sat down. then the elephant stopped running.


King Dutugemunu had great respect for Nandimitra. People also shouted. to the elephant, this was a bit of a scuffle. The elephant started hating Nandimithra. The giant, elephant-clad elephant, a majestic non-carnivorous mammal, eats only fruit and fruit. It is normal, therefore, for the animals to have good and bad thoughts.

Prince Gemunu commenced a great war near the Vijithapura fortress against the Tamil Elara. There he broke his sword and broke the door of the Great Wall of Elara’s kingdom. Nandimitra saw the collapsing wall leaning against the elephant. suddenly he jumped and hold the wall of the eleven cubits and threw it to the other side. The elephant’s heart had seen the action of Nandimitra, and the hatred that had spread so far had vanished.

 The giant Nandimithra broke the wall with his strong arms, smashing it against the wall. There, he pulled out a weapon like a large cartwheel and attacked the enemy, weakening their strength. King Dutugemunu who was victorious in the Tamil war conferred honor on the giant Nandimitra and presented him with gold, post, and a village in the northern part of Deduru Oya(a river). His great temple was built. He became so popular among the people that they were grateful to the Nandimithra Giant for building the temples of the people. Therefore, it was confirmed that Nandimithra was in King Dutugemunu’s army. The Brahmi inscription found at the top of Mount Omunugala is a good example. It is known that Nandimitra was a head of the royal family of Ruhuna by marrying a daughter of the late Gemunu’s late queen, Rajajika, to the son of Nandimitra.

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