20 Ways, how to use healing stones for beginners

20 Ways, how to use healing stones for beginners

1. To get more of Saraswathi and Mother Lakshmi.

Indian shrine instructor Mrs. Vivajaji said that women’s gods are very fond of pink crystals.
     Place a pink crystal next to the female idols on your altar. Place a pink crystal in front of the image of Mother Saraswati. If you don’t have a problem, buy another pink crystals and place it in front of Lakshmi’s images. You can also place a few pink crystals. there are 20 Ways, how to use healing stones for beginners .

2. Be young, beautiful, and skin bright.

European crystal consultants say that when they put a pink sparkle under their pillow at bedtime, they look younger. Indian divisive advisor, Divya Bajaj, has also stated that she is.

3. Make a fortune in employment, to attract your bosses.

Place the compass in the middle of the desk where you are working. Find the southwest. then put pink crystal stone in the southwest.
(When you get home in the evening, the crystal can be removed. Put the plaster back on the next morning )

There are two advantages.

  1. Your luck is up. Your work is easy.
  2. The more you have contacts with institutions and the bosses of the company, the better. If you wear a pink crystal pendant or a bracelet, they will attract you.

4. To increase the fertility of children.

There is another advantage, like a pink crystal. That means increasing the chances of conceiving children. You don’t have a baby Do doctors say that bay fertility is low? Wear a brass bracelet or pendant.

5. To facilitate the delivery of pregnant mothers.

Researchers say that wearing a pink splint as a pedicle or bracelet is the best way to reduce the pain you feel during birth and the birth of a baby at ten months.

6. Enhance Family Life.

If you wear both pink shields and a ministerial crystal, these physical strengths will improve and improve the quality of your marriage. You should wear any kind of scaffolding that touches your body.

7. Get in love and fall in love.

If you have never loved, keep a pink crystal touching the body. (As a bracelet or a pendant).You will be loved The pink crystal is the perfect crystal for those who are single and looking for love.“A rose crystal opens the heart and draws love to us,” wrote a European book.

8. Increase the love of the romantic relationship, the love of the couple.

  If you are in love or married, you too have the benefit of a pink crystal. If you wear a pink bracelet regularly, your affection will increase. This makes him/her more attracted to you. “Love, marriage, harmony, and happiness,” wrote a European crystal book. If you fall in love or get married, you will find that your love life becomes less sweet than ever before. You may find that your love life becomes less sweet and conflict-free than ever before.

9. To increase the unity of the family.

The conflict between couples is very common today. Arguments, rage, and silence are now taking place overseas. The children most affected by this are children. And these conflicts are fleeing the happiness and comfort we have in our hearts every day. Conflicts between children and parents are now common. Family unity and love are lacking. Many think that it should be increased. But their intolerance has not been able to bring about that harmony. You can use the pink crystal to enhance the family harmony of your marriage/marriage. Here are some popular ways you can use it.

  • Place two pink crystal stones (slightly larger) in the southwest corner of your home. You can see the peacefulness of family life developing. It is better to tie a red ribbon on these pink crystals (two red ribbons are tied to the pink ones).

10. Crystals To make your journey a success.

When you travel, wear a pink crystal bracelet, a pendant, or carry a pink crystal in your pocket. You attract all kinds of love. You are attracted to all kinds of relationships, such as love, employment, good relations, and the love of others.

11.In order to prevent damage to the computer.

Those who work at the computer may experience some form of illness. Examples include eye pain, stiffness. So place a pink crystal next to your computer. It will reduce the pain and tension in your eyes. For those in the computer industry, The headaches/migraines/seizures are somewhat reduced.

12. Create music and improve writing ability.

If you are an artist or writer, Pink Crystal helps to enhance your thinking, creativity, and imagination. To do this, wear a pink crystal. yet put pink crystal under your pillow during bedtime.

13. To increase the power of the Sacrifice.

Crystal counselors claim that female gods are very fond of pink crystals. When you pray for it, hold the rose crystal in your hand and pray. This will make your prayers very effective with the power of the pink crystal.

14. To get a good night’s sleep.

When you sleep, put a pink crystal under your pillow. You’ll have a comfortable break.

15. To improve the digestion of food.

Ayurveda states that if digestion is low, it can lead to several diseases. Place four pink crystal stones in the bedroom to touch the floor of the bedroom (clean it once every two weeks or at least once a month). “When I was young, I had gastritis for a long time. Even though gastritis is healthy now and for a long time, I sometimes have digestive problems. So I had four pink crystal stones in my room. Now I feel better. ”

16. To control the gossip/rumors that are spreading against you.

     Put a slightly larger pink crystal (the bigger the effectiveness the better) and place it at your job place. Place it on your desk or where you work. When you get home from work in the evening, you can put the crystal in a drawer or in a cupboard. You’ll definitely be safe.

17. Forgive the ability to forgive (Forgive yourself and forgive others)

The pink crystal helps to balance the mood. This creates a state of peace and reconciliation. Therefore, it is possible to forget the wrongs done and to be forgiven. We can see the good in others. Perhaps you have repented of past sin. If you wear a pink crystal, you will be able to forgive yourself for your mistakes. And pink crystals can help you avoid being blamed for being responsible for the problems caused by the unclever and carelessness of others.

18. To develop the beauty business.

Pink crystals are considered the best crystal for the beauty industry. If you are in the beauty industry, wear a pink crystal. Your attraction grows. It helps in the advancement of your job.

19. To eliminate jealously.

Do you get jealous of others? Envy is a sin. When jealousy occurs, we become ugly. If you find it difficult to prevent, wear a pink crystal (like a bracelet or pendant) or keep it in your pink crystal pocket. (Keep in touch) You will be able to look at others in a loving way. There is too much competition in today’s society. As a result, there is a lot of jealousy. There is a lot of jealousy in schools and classrooms because of educational competition. This jealousy draws us to fourfold hell.

20. To Relieve the Sorrow.

Wear a pink crystal bracelet or pendant. The sad thoughts of the heart can be alleviated. The pink crystal is known to be an excellent scent to heal injured hearts. Pink crystal help to clear old bad memories. If you have any past events/memories that hurt and hurt you, wear a pink crystal.

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