Attract Money With The Law of Attraction!

Attract Money With The Law of Attraction!

Most people wish to know the best ways to get more money. You might have seen the movie “The Secret” and followed the techniques but still wish to make even more money. Is something missing here? Aren’t you smart enough to get what you want?

“The Secret” was just a shallow introduction to the deeper concept of the law of attraction. It’s not simply thinking positively, imagining dream homes and vacations, valuables and money, and then suddenly having everything fall out of the sky. This is not the case!

The law of attraction is deeper than your imagination, your innermost desires, and your goals. It’s that subconscious level that you don’t realize you had which you discover in your dreams. We have actually all dreamt of things that we would not normally do in our everyday life. It’s the reality that the universe, God, or supernatural power, or whatever, does respond to our desires.

The secret to materializing even more money in your life is to completely bring YOURSELF in consistency to a single focus. It’s rather a bit complicated than stating affirmations or viewing photos of elegant automobiles and homes. It has to do with releasing imaginations such as “the rich are getting richer”, “money is the cause of all evils”, or is it spiritual or honorable about being poor and a struggler? Now you might think that you do not believe that. Knowingly, you might not, however subconsciously; it could be an absolutely different situation. That’s where mind-calming exercises play their role by asking yourself how you feel and how you believe in money.

Can you envision materializing an extra $100 by the end of next week without doing anything laborious to get it? How does that feel? Now think of materializing $10,000 by the next fortnight without doing anything hard or arduous to get it and can you feel a difference here? That is known as the innermost resistance. Many people have resistance to money as they have no idea subconsciously until this is brought to their knowledge. They connect one with the other in the wrong way. They think they need to work overtime to get money, win the lottery ticket, or steal to get that extra money. In reality, the possibilities are boundless, and everybody can be rewarded.

This is a frame of mind that is not quickly attained simply by reviewing this article. It is a day-to-day practice of questioning yourself. You need to be friendly with money as money is energy, just like us. Every little thing in this world is energetic. Having a love for money will attract you which is the basis of the law of attraction. For whatever you show love will come back to you manifold. If you are broke, make sure to constantly keep a couple of coins or a dollar in your wallet, and throughout the day sometimes count it and hold it in your hands. Be grateful for this money and send love to it. It might seem unusual to you, because most of the time, we are taught to believe that if you are not struggling and if you’re affluent, then you must be doing something wrong which is crazy! You were meant to live generously and abundantly and are entitled to whatever you wish!

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